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Here's a collection of pix from some of our favourite gigs covering 2004 to 2007.
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Brentwood Beer & Music Festival – Saturday 7th July 2012
Undercover returned to the Brentwood Beer & Music Festiva for their 7th appearance at this charity event. 2 stages and a huge variety of live entertainment ensured a successful event despite the enevitable rain.
Thanks to Gabriel Byrne for the photos and all the staff for such an excellent event.
Undercover John Mick Undercover Pete audience Undercover Undercover Air guitar gestate
John and Terry Adam Adam Under colour Pete hides Mick John The girls Undercover flag

Stanford Music Festival – Saturday 30th June 2012
Undercover returned to the Stanford Music Festival this year as headline with support from No More Hereos, the Heaters, The Beagles, Sax on Fire, Brothers Beyond Repair, Break for Cover and Scooby playing earlier in the day. A great community event which, within this year of rain, was blessed with sun!
Thanks to Karen and Gabriel Byrne for the photos plus Steve and Brett for excellent PA and lighting.
Undercover Adam Adam Undercover Pete Mick John Girls flag
John and Terry Adam Adam Under colour Pete hides Mick John The girls Undercover flag
Undercover Girl Girl John + Terry crowd singing time Pete Mick Terry John + Terry
Undercover Girls gets up to help 15 mins of fame John & Terry Lets get the crowd singing Pete Mick the hat Terry, smiles? John & Terry

Fleur de Lys, Widdington – Saturday 16th June 2012
One of Undercover's first gigs in North Essex, in our earlier days, was at the Fleur de Lys. Our return, thankfully outside in the gardens, was part of a charity event to raise funds for St Clare Hospice and in remembrance of Andy Smith, former guitarist of both Flux of Pink Indians and Rubella Ballet, a local and well liked man who died of cancer in June 2011.
Thanks to Karen for the photos.
Undercover Pete Adam Mick Terry John Adam Pete Hannah
Undercover stage & rig Pete does the ska Adam rox! Mick concentrates Terry don't smile John does smile Adam Ramone Pete screams Hannah joins the stage
The Victoria, Romford – Saturay 9th June 2012
Undercover managed to fill a late slot at the Victoria Pub, their first appearance at this new venue run by
Ray Caruana. As a result we were restricted to a 4-piece as John was getting muddy at Download.
Thanks to Sharon for the photos.
Adam Terry Mick pete Undercover Undercover Undercover Terry Adam
Guitarist Adam Terry smiling! Mick Pete Undercover Gangsters Undercover Terry Adam concentrates

Ts in the Park, Debden – Saturay 17th July 2010
For the second year running Jonathan and Beverley Turner have hosted the Ts in the Park event at Midsummer House, Debden. Undercover provided their stage, lighting and PA for a number of bands to help raise monies towards the Live Life then Give Life charity. The day turned out a great success, blessed with beautiful sunshine and a light breeze, plus over £3,500 donated to charity. Emily Maguire opened the proceedings, fresh from her stint at Glastonbury, followed by another of last year's acts that filled in for a cancellation. Ben Cork then took the stage, followed by his sister Susanna who recently shared a stage with Natalie Imbruglia. Hannah Turner gave us another solo performance providing her take on a number of pop favourties. The floe then provided an insight into first hand experience with the charity as well as some beautifully written songs. Tall Dark Friend addressed the stage with his wonderful and well received sounds quickly followed by The Spores who once again treated us to their version of Ghostbusters. All followed by a lashing of Undercover.
Thanks to Nicki, Dawn and Tony Harbron for the pix plus the Turner family for such a wonderful event.
Midsummer House Emily Maguire Emily Maguire band Susanna and Ben Cork Hannah Turner Hannah Turner The Floe Tall Dark Friend
The setting Emily on stage Emily Maguire White Gospel Susanna & Ben Cork Hannah on stage Hannah Turner The Floe Tall Dark Friend
Alan The Spores Pete and the audience Pete, Mick and Terry The Debdenites Mick Terry reach out audience
Alan wins best T-shirt The Spores Undercover Undercover Debden rocks! Smiler Mick Terry the hat Undercover Undercover

Wendens Ambo Rugby Club, Burns Night – Saturay 23rd January 2010
Its been a long time since we donned silly hats but knowing the Wendens crowd we knew the return of the tammy shanties would be appreciated, with a wee bit of tartan for good measure.
Thanks to Karen and Dawn for the pix
stage The drums Undercover Mick Tammy Shanty Undercover Andy John scarey! Undercover Terry Undercover Mick Undercover Terry
The stage Mick's drums Mick Pete & his Tammy Andy John goes scarey! Terry Mick Terry
Pete prowls the stage Pete sings Pete & Mick large crowd silhouette crowd large crowd large stage Pete sings Pete pose
Pete Andy sings Undercover Tammy Shanty's on Mick has a giggle Pete gets the giggles Undercover & audience The Highland fling Wendens dances

Thurrock Beer Festival – Friday 5th June 2009
Every year this event seems to get bigger and bigger with more people in attendance and subsequently a better atmosphere. It's already been confirmed that Friday was the largest crowd ever and Saturday followed with another busy evening, entertained by compadres Squabbler with Jamie from the Reason on guitar. This was our fith year doing the Beer Festival and we'd thought the entertainments organiser, Big Dave, was going to try an alternative band. However, it seemed we were in demand again and with such a great response 2010 attendance has now been confirmed. Thanks to everyone who makes this such a great event, punters, dancers, staff and a big thanks to those behind the PA. We love doing it and they love having us!
Thanks to Robert Green for the pix
Andy & Pete soundcheck Mick soundcheck Big Dave Terry Mollys Chambers Kings of Leon Johnny Johnny Mick on Drums
Soundcheck More soundcheck Big Dave introduces Terry dont smile Andy sings Mollys Chambers Johnny being good the roar of Johnny The best Mick pic ever!!!
Undercover Pete Andy sings Undercover Undercover Mick giggles Pete giggles Undercover The Highland fling Wendens Ambo dances
Pete stalks the stage Lets sing together Sing it to them Pete A large crowd The crowd in silhouette The punters are lit up Loads of stage Sing your lungs out The next logo pose?

The Fatling & Firkin – October 2008
This gig fell on Drummer Mick's Birthday so we ensured plenty of his work mates came along to cheer him on and sink a few bevvies. 2 sets of some rocking tunes had plenty of dancing and beer spilling and right at the end of the gig Mick got a good squirting. Little did he know loads of us had foam pies for him once he got away from the equipment. Oh how we laughed!
Undercover at Fatling Undercover Sweaty Mick Smiles Tony Deps Mick, Jacob and Adam undies WAGS
Undercover underway Pete & Johnny Sweaty bloke on drums Smiles from the band Tony from Lobster Deps Jacob and Adam Mick, Jacob and Adam Karen & Sharon The WAGS!
Alright scarey spice underpants underpants undies unders squirting plastering plastered
underpants 1 scarey spice underpants 2 underpants 3 Undies undie and underpants someone squirted Mick Mick lost the pie fight don't worry, be happy

Thurrock Beer Festival – June 2008
Another fantastic opportunity to entertain the drinkers at the CAMRA run Beer Festival, which seemed to have even more people than last time! A few familiar faces came up to say hello and a bunch of happy customers congratulated us at the end. This proves to be one of our best gigs of the year and each year it seems to get better, so we do more! Can't wait til next year as we've been booked again, woo-hoo! Hope to see you there on Friday 5th June 2009.
TBF08 crowd FatSurfer TBF08 crowd soundcheck Kiss start of set TBF08 big stage Undercover John Undercover Terry
The crowd seem happy SoundmanJim in the crowd crowd on left of stage still sorting
the sound
Terry thinks he's in Kiss And we're off! We love a big stage Undercover John Undercover Terry
Big Dave Andy & Morag Undercover Pete, Terry & John TBF08 2nd set Mick on backing vocals Undercover Mick Andy on vocals TBF08 crowd during set Nundercover
Big Dave
Andy & Morag between sets Group shot b4 2nd set Back on stage 2nd set Mick on backing vox Undercover Mick Undercover Andy 1st set The crowd watch on Nundercover

The Bell PH, Wendens Ambo, Saturday 25th August 2007
Our fifth visit to the Bell Bash Beer Festival gave us the opportunity to play prior to the headline band which gave us time to enjoy the festival after we'd finished and sup a few beers. This year the numbers approached 1,000 visitors, a large increase in campers and over £2,900 to donate to the supported charity, MEDICS. 5 bands performed on the Saturday starting with rhythm and blues band The Doctors followed by Disco Inc with a huge selection of disco classics. The Tymes were supported by plenty of locals and gained new support with their big T-shirt give-away during the day. Undercover took the stage at 10.15 and hit the punters with plenty of indie including I Predict a Riot, Monster and Chelsea Dagger and received a fantastic response. Thanks to all those who came to support us and all the visitors for helping to make it such a great gig. The evening finished with The Great Nothing with their risque lyrics and werewolf dancers. The festival finished around 1am so we retired to the tents for plenty of BBQ grub. 4.45am shouted in our ears before we finally managed to hit the sack ready for an 8.30 rise and dismantling of the stage lights plus removing the PA. The next day wasn't clever! but we managed our 3pm gig in Sawbridgeworth with less jumping around.
Thanks to Karen for the pix – you can find a few more on the Undercover blog.
Doctors at Bell Bash Disco Inc at Bell Bash The Tymes at Bell Bash Pete and his inflatable guitar Sister Andy John at Bell Bash Pete bashes Andy 1 Pete Bashes Andy 2 Pete at Bell Bash
The Doctors Disco Inc The Tymes Pete and his inflatable guitar Andy does NUNdercover Smile for the camera John Time to bash Andy Need a good run-up Pete
Bell Bash 2007 crowd Bell Bash 2007 girls Bell Bash 2007 crowd2 Undies at Bell Bash 2007 Bell Bash crowd Hands up folks Pete at Bell Bash Terry & John Mick at Bell Bash 2007
Crowd with little big man Girls in the crowd Bell Bash Girls some Undies The Bell Bash crowd hands up folks Pete Terry & John Mick enjoying his drums

Daren's 40th Birthday Party – Saturday 14th July, Dagenham & Redbridge FC
We had a couple of major probs with this gig, our drummer was admitted to hospital and singer Pete had caught an throat infection but we managed to acquire Gavin on drums and decided to sing til there was no voice left! Our first set seemed very appreciated by the kids, continually asking questions, full of curiosity and eager to be part of it. Little Alfie was transfixed on our gear before we started and decided to become Pete's shadow all night leaving his brother Billy in the shade. Some wonderful kids which brought some smiles to us. The second set got the adults up and a good response until we had to stop. At this point Darren, although slurring his speech, seemed fine but the effects of West Ham beating Dagenham & Redbridge earlier in the day obviously took their toll.
Thanks to Sharon and Lee for the pix.
Pete Mick & Terry relax Andy relaxed Terry & John The drummer boy Alfie loves it Darren suffers too much! Gavin on the drums
Undercover off-stage The kids enjoy the show Hannah, Nicki, Dawn & Jill Daren gives a speach The kids go wild Alfie in the mosh pit :-) Daren don't look so good Gavin on the drums

The Thurrock Beer Festival, Grays. Friday 9th June 2007
Our third visit to the CAMRA organised Thurrock Beer Festival but our first Friday performance proved to be very successful. The previous night there had been a power cut so we encouraged the sippers to gulp to make up for the loss of trade. We banged out 2 long sets and were encouraged to return for an encore, I think we spent our last energy on that and running around the huge stage. Booked for next year, can't wait! I we there yet?
Thanks to Karen for the pix and a big thanks to Dave and the festival crew, you made us feel very welcome.
Pete Mick & Terry relax Andy relaxed Terry & John The drummer boy the crowd The crowd Undie girls
Pete Mick & Terry Andy Terry & John The drummer boy Lots of revellers The crowd Undie girls

Oktoberfest 2006 at Wendens Ambo, Millennium Barn
Another opportunity was given to us to entertain the guests at the Oktoberfest in Wendens Ambo, near Saffron Walden. The audience were once again dressed in German attire, Stein's were at the ready and the barn was decked in Bavarian colours. A fantastic night where the audience were eager to dance and game-on for a bit of tomfoolery. Thanks to all who helped make it such a memorable night.
German hat? Undies – Dawn & Karen A happy audience Steins undies UndercoverJohn Undercover hand in the air UndercoverAndy
German hat? Undies – Dawn & Karen A happy audience Stein's – better than pints Lovely undies John hits the lead Undercover grab the audience Hands in the air Andy hits the lead
UndercoverMick undie underpants underpants undie 500 miles follow us sing your heart out lean on me
Mick on drums another lovely undie underpants 1 underpants of X-Factor Germanic Undie 500 miles thru the audience everyone's following sing your hearts out lean on me

The Bell PH, Wendens Ambo – 26th August 2006
Our fourth visit to the Bell Bash Beer Festival was another cracker of an event. The large beer garden was put to full effect and we provided the stage, PA, some of the lighting plus the band, all in the aid of MEDICS charity. A number of bands took the stage including The New Essex Bluegrass Band, Saffron Waldens' The Tymes who put on a great show, followed by ex-Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton with his band Storey – some excellent musicians in there. Undercover took the headline slot with a very indie orientated set which seemed to go down well plus a few party songs to keep everyone on their toes. Collectively we managed to provide over £1,500 for MEDICS. Fingers crossed we're there for next year.
Thanks to Andy's Dad for the pix.
undercover at front camo view from PA near the front undies! Bell Bash jumping Bell Bash big crowd Undercover crowd
Lets get down the front Camo trousers view from PA in amongst the crowd everyone's up for it Jumping time Arms up folks half way back! – more behind its over there

White Horse Pub Beer & Music Festival, Coxtie Green, Brentwood, Sunday 16th July 2006
We were again invited to entertain the crowd at the White Horse but this time we were given the headline slot to finish the weekends live music. Again the sun shone and again the numbers that arrived were far greater than last year. Beer ran out on the Saturday and although more beer arrived on the Sunday again the swiggers took their toll and drank the beer tent dry! With a few ciders, wines and lagers left the festival continued and the plans for next year are much bigger and better.
Thanks to Andy's dad for the pix and a huge thumbs up to Ozzy for organising it, plus a thanks to the PA men from Lobster.
undercover pete Terry 500miles undercover girls1 girls2
Undercover on stage Pete with skull & cross bones Undercover Terry 500 miles Andy & Pete The dancing girls just keep dancing
john mick andy undercover on_stage undercoverstage andy&andy
Johnny guitar Drummer boy Andy does
Green Day
Jump around us lot 20th Century Boy Adam & Andy

The Thurrock Beer Festival, Grays 11th June 2006
Last years visit to the Thurrock Beer Festival was a highlight of the year for Undercover – a huge stage, excellent PA, plenty of ales/wine/cider and a very mobile audience. This year the excellent sunshine and footie took their toll on numbers but the fun was still in abundance. As the England v Paraguay match started the entertainment we felt it appropriate to show our support in our shirts and shorts! Despite UndercoverPete's recent operation there was plenty of movement on stage and dancers on the floor. Even the bar staff were active and during “500 Miles” the bar temporarily shut whilst they did the congo! Loved every minute of it and already booked for next year.
Thanks to Nicki and Sharon for the pix. Big thanks to Dave for booking us.
pete John Andy Terry undercover undercover crowd crowd more crowd
Come on England This one's for you the stage is ours Pete and John Happy Mick Karen, Nicki & Daren at the huge bar Dar, Sharon & Karen during soundcheck The bar staff do the congo... to “500 Miles”

Cauliflower, Seven Kings, Ilford – Friday 3rd March 2006
This was our first appearance at the Cauliflower and it fulfilled its promise as the best venue in Essex and one we've always wanted to play at. We accepted the short notice cancellation slot and still managed to bring a healthy amount of Undies – thanks folks for turning up and Thanks Karen for the Pix.
undercover Mick John & Terry Andy & Pete Dawn & Chris Karen

all the band

Mick tires Terry & John Andy & Pete Undies Dawn & Chris Undie Karen

Fatling & Firkin, Hornchurch – Friday 18th November 2005
The Fatling (or the Bull as most ppl know it) has a great reputation for good bands and as its our local if we're not playing somewhere we're probably down here either Fri or Sat. Tonight however it was our turn to take the stage and we decided beforehand it was going to be a rocky loud and entertaining night. Plenty of our friends came down to support us and we went down very well with the regulars. The first set started with first attempt at The Importance of Being Idle and during our 2nd brought back Bartender and the Thief from a very extensive holiday.
Thanks to Karen for the pix
Andy, Mick and John Undercover Mick some Undies Loads of Undies Pete & John
Andy, Mick & John before the gig Undercover charge
the crowd
Drummer Mick some of the "Undies" Loads of "Undies" Pete & John

The Thurrock Beer Festival, Grays 11th June 2005
We'd been waiting for this gig since late last year and finally we arrived in the Civic Hall, Blackshots, Grays Thurrock to a huge hall and probably the biggest stage we've been on. We were running around on the stage doing our rock poses and silly dances which the audience loved. 2 1/2hrs worth of sets which included loads of party and plenty of rock and we loved every minute of it, a repeat booking for 2006 has been confirmed. Thanks to Karen for the pix.
pete John Andy Terry undercover undercover
UndercoverPete UndercoverJohn UndercoverAndy UndercoverTerry Raise those guitars Big stage
crowd crowd more crowd surfing crowd Yorkie undercover
A group of revellers the audience on
the left
the dance party surfing to Wipeout Yorkie loves us Johnny loves a big stage

OKTOBERFEST at Wendens Ambo Millennium Barn – 16th October 2004
Sat 15th was a day of high's and low's, at 5.30am our van, trailer, drums, bass amp, mike stands etc. were stolen which obviously put us on a wrong footing right from the start. However with the help and assistance of various people we said “the show must go on ”. The barn was wonderfully atired in Bavarian flags, bunting etc and many of those working the bar, food etc were dressed in Leiderhosen and as German Milk maids, ooh errr fnah fnah! Antilectual set the dancing legs off with their punk ska riffs which unfortunately is their last gig (at least for a while) due to University. We kicked off with 20th Century Boy and ran through a great dancey set to warm them up. The second set, after a short break for meat and sauerkraut, got the whole hall electrified, we couldnt have asked for a more receptive crowd and it certainly raised our spirits after the mornings event. To our amazement a collection was raised to help the band and we were given £437 to help get the band back on our feet. I can't impress enough how grateful we are for the villagers and visitors of Wendens Ambo for their generosity. Big thumbs up! We'd also like to thank those who helped with the gig: Alistair, Geoff, Rupert, Joe, Maggie & Mick, Larry & Peter.
Andy, Pete & John Johnny rock god Andy mick smiles pete Terry
Andy, Pete & John Johnny rock god Andy Mick smiles!! Pete Terry doesn't smile!!!
hands in the air bait the audience Andy Mick John Mick and Terry
The crowd dance barn starts to fill up Andy


Mick John Mick & Terry

The Bell PH, Wendens Ambo, August 2004
Our third appearance at the popular "Bell Bash" 4-day open-air beer festival in Wendens Ambo attracted a larger crowd than usual. We helped raise over £1115 for Medics. Support came from DJ Zippy (ex-glastonbury), Case & Fabian, Electric Spoons and prior to ourselves Unusual Suspects. We finally came on at 10.30 chucking 100 glow necklaces out to the crowd so they could wave them in the air to Knocking on Heavens Door, what a festival!!!.
start set Andy, Mick & Pete Mick Peace man! accosted by the fans
Undercover get playing, punters get dancing Andy, Mick & Pete Mick pulls the face Peace man! Karen climbs the stage
more dancing hands in the air wigs and plastic guitars colourful stage happyness
They just keep dancing ...and dancing to
Born to be wild
Monster truck ending Our colourful stage A happy Undercover

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