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Here's a collection of pix from some of our gigs covering 2004 to 2007.
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Darren's 40th Birthday Party
Saturday 14th July, Dagenham & Redbridge FC
We had a couple of major probs with this gig, our drummer was admitted to hospital and singer Pete had caught an throat infection but we managed to acquire Gavin on drums and decided to sing til there was no voice left! Our first set seemed very appreciated by the kids, continually asking questions, full of curiosity and eager to be part of it. Little Alfie was transfixed on our gear before we started and decided to become Pete's shadow all night leaving his brother Billy in the shade. Some wonderful kids which brought some smiles to us. The second set got the adults up and a good response until we had to stop. At this point Darren, although slurring his speech, seemed fine but the effects of West Ham beating Dagenham & Redbridge earlier in the day obviously took their toll.
Thanks to Sharon and Lee for the pix.
Pete Mick & Terry relax Andy relaxed Terry & John The drummer boy Alfie loves it Darren suffers too much! Gavin on the drums
Undercover off-stage Mick & Terry Andy Terry & John The drummer boy Alfie in the mosh pit :-) The crowd Gavin on the drums

The Green Man, Royston, Herts. Saturday December 2nd 2006
The weather was absolutely freezing but the Green Man was packed with punters and enthusiasm. The doors closed early due to the amount of people so we were in our element at this excellent live pub.
Thanks to Karen for the pix.
John sings Andy sings John plays guitar tired Mick Pete climbs pete signs Oasis time Undercover at the Green Man
John singing!! Noooo! Andy signs Green Day Johnny is the guitar man its all too much for Mick Pete does his circuit bit I got my eye on you! Its Oasis time Undercover
Green Man

The George 2nd, Luton. Saturday November 11th 2006
Our second visit to the George 2nd and our 2nd with dep guitarist Adam. This rocky pub got a piece of everything is a rocked up Adam Hendrix style which got the punters dancing and singing. The DJ down here knows how to get the crowd going and just like last time we didn't want to leave, great fun and some very nice people, we even got tips from the crowd!!!
Adam and Terry 2 fingered Andy Mick on the drums Adam, Terry and Pete Smiling Pete Pete and Andy
Adam and Terry Andy
2 Fingers
Mick Adam, Terry and Pete Smiling Pete Pete and Andy

The Willow Beauty, Harlow. Saturday October 28th 2006
The Willow is a large pub and takes a good number of people to fill it, or a load of people in fancy dress. Or better still a whole lotta Elvis. Celebrating a birthday we had them dancing, prancing, posing and singing. Can we book this lot again next time :-)
Thanks to Karen for the pix.
Adam and Terry 2 fingered Andy Mick on the drums Adam, Terry and Pete
Undercover at the Willow Beauty Elvis has entered the building Elvis is the Karate kid Hawaiian Elvis

Dagenham & Redbridge FC – Sunday 30th April 2006
Supporters Club End of Season Party
We were asked to help celebrate Daggers successful season at their Football Club so we brought the full PA and light rig. A fun night, plenty of presentations, lots of raffle prizes and a huge amount of football songs, loved it!
Thanks to Nicki for the pix.
Undercover1 Undercover2 Undercover3 Undercover4 Undercover5
Don't we look smart in our function trousers and flame shirts

Boars Head, Braintree, 8th April 2006
We enjoyed our last visit to the Boars Head and had a large contingent of the Undie girls come to see us. This time there weren't as many but EssexBands.com decided to come up and review the gig (see our reviews page) and take all the photos, thanks for that lads, much appreciated.
undercover undercover undercover3 undercover4 clapping Pete & Undies John John Andy
Undercover hit the Boars Head with 36 songs from
Rock, Indie, Ska, Funk, Punk and Soul
time to clap your hands The Undies
join in
Johnny Sing Johnny Sing Andy does Green Day
Andy gibson Mick Mick Terry Terry Undies Pete Pete
Andy rocks it Gibson time Mick on the drums sweaty mick Terry Terry on
the mike
The Undies cheeky what a lovely head

Fatling & Firkin, Hornchurch Saturday 1st April 2006
April Fools Party
With such a day of fools Undercover had to play the fool and plenty of party tunes. Stupid hats and shorts were adorned and we gave out loads of stupid presents too – mmm! and 4 Easter Eggs. Thanks Karen for the Pix.
undercover eckie thump having a laff fry up crowd 1 crowd 2

Studip hats

Andy does Ken Dodd enjoying a laff I predict a fry-up rising crowd lets dance

White Horse Pub Beer & Music Festival
Coxtie Green, Brentwood, Sunday 17th July 2005
A glorious day, barking hot, smiley sunshine ppl, real ale and ciders, kids in the beer garden and all to raise funds for cancer charities.
Thanks to Sharon for the pix
on stage trailer stage the undies relax Nicki and Karen Nicki and Karen PeteHat
Undercover on stage Still on stage The Undies dance The Undies relax Nicki & Karen Meaty on the PA Pete's sunny hat

The Bell, Southend-on-Sea, 29th April 2005
This was a large pub! and the variety of ages and the lack of a full house meant we were up against it so we adoned our new T-shirts and played everything from Eddie Cochrane to Franz Ferdinand.
Thanks to Karen for the pix.
new T-shirts Johnny grooves it Andy strums it pete sings it push it lads stride it
Undercover in our new T's Johnny grooves it Andy strums it Pete sings it push it lads stride it

The Marne Inn, Thorley Park, Bishops Stortford
September 2004
The Marne Inn, Thorley Park, Bishops Stortford
Our first visit to The Marne Inn demanded a rock/indie/punk set and thats what we gave them. Definitely the hottest gig we've ever done, and we suffered 2 snare drums skins breaking! And, it seems the heat got to a couple of punters who stripped to the skin and danced around to Gay Bar! LOL
start of set reach for the skies Mr wet T-shirt soaking and screaming
Undercover set starts Reach for the skies Mr Wet Shirt :-) Soaking and screaming

Shannon's 30th Birthday Party – July 2004
Our first visit to Sewards End to help celebrate Shannon's 30th was another great success which resulted in some “aerobics like”; pictures, Thanks to Brad for the pix.
group shot surfing line dancing Party!!! line-up rocking
Undercover smilers Time for surfing Line dancing? Party on 5 Its the band! Keep rocking

Debden Village Beach Party – July 2004
During the day the Debden Village held their fete which Undercover provided the stage and PA for. But at 7pm the Beach Party kicked in which saw us play for the best part of 3 hours. The kids seemed attracted to the band which resulted in a few memorable moments amongst which was the impromtu sponsored walk to our cover of the Proclaimers "I could walk 500 miles". Another fun event which kept over 200 ppl dancing despite the occassional sight of rain.
John & Terry stage beach wear eeek! The kids hands on hips
John and Terry The stage Band beach wear Audience beach wear The kids "Put your hands on your hips"

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