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Here's a collection of pix from some of our gigs covering 2002 to 2003.
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Debden Village Christmas Party – December 2003
After seeing Undercover live at various venues the organisers of the Debden Village Christmas Party asked if we could play at their event. We put on a show which amazingly got them all up dancing straight away! Now that's a receptive crowd! We were helped by dep drummer Gavin from Cactus Jack/Expose as it was our first gig without Dennis. Bottles of wine were given away for "best air guitar" and "best smile of the night" and the 3 sets ensured a repeat booking for the Summer Party and Christmas 2004. Great fun!
Thanks to Brad for the pix.
Dr Pete Born to be wild Debden Babes high five all up dancing Romford Babes
Dr Pete attend to his patients Born to be Wild Debden Babes! Give me 5! All up and dancing! Romford Babes!
Proclaimers Michelle gets raunchy Elvis lives Dancers    
Proclaimers Michelle gets raunchy Elvis lives Dancers    

The Bell PH, Wendens Ambo, August 2003
Our second appearance at the popular "Bell Bash" 4-day open-air beer festival in Wendens Ambo attracted a few friends who camped out with the band. The event draws a big crowd to see the four bands and sample a selection of the ales from this fun Beer Festival. This again was a fund raising gig which helped the Village and some monies were donated to charity.
campervan campervan pete undercover stage doctor
Heath's campervan debut Heath at the wheel UndercoverPete Undercover hit the stage Undercover Undercolour Doctor in the house
moshing view from stage meaty down pete down hometime  
Undercover moshing Outlook from stage Ruby outpaces Meaty Pete comotose! Leaving in the morning  

Fighting C*cks – July 2003
Our second open-air gig at the Fighting C*cks and third gig there was a great fun event which helped to raise over £1,200 for MEDICS. For the majority of our set the rain held off but as the evening drew into night the clouds opened and once we'd finished the heavens opened up for the last band of the day "Death by Disco" but even this didnt deter the dancers! All pix supplied by Meaty & Lisa – thanks!
John & Terry Andy Pete John & Terry Undercover Pete
John & Terry Andy Pete John & Terry Undercover on the trailer Pete
John & Terry Lisa        
John & Terry Lisa takes a different approach!        

The Bell PH, Wendens Ambo, August 2002
The Bell Bash 2002 at the Bell Pub in Wendens Ambo proved to be one of our best gigs ever. A day of family entertainment included bouncy castles, dog olympics, giant connect 4, crazy golf, tug of war, 6ft paella etc all encompassed by a 4 day beer festival which has been running for a number of years. The bands started around 7pm and culminated in Undercover taking the stage and using up some of the audience's fuel injected energy. A resounding success of a gig, which raised money for local charity MEDICS, and ensured we were booked for the following year.
Wild Elvis specs Johnny and Terry Andy & crowd drumer Dennis raise your hands
Born to be Wild Pete dorns the Elvis specs Johnny and Terry plays out the tunes Andy and the crowd Drummer and Drummer – Dennis and backline Raise your hands
Start of the set          

Coach & Horses, Newport – June 2002
We were invited back to the Coach & Horses, Newport, Essex to celebrate a 50th birthday party from someone who had seen us play there before. It was another outside gig in an army tent which at first looked like being a disaster as the rain poured down, however at 7pm the clouds broke and the evening sun came to the rescue. Our first set was a suitably chosen laid back set whilst everyone had a good ole chat. The second set brought a mixed bag of ages onto the grass to dance.
wigs undercover Pete, John, Dennis guitar heroes Andy hats on
The band don the wigs all of us Pete, dennis and John The guitar heroes Andy hats on lads
Dennismania hippies rock gods shout it out Dr monsta
Dennismania Hippie revival rock gods sing it loud Doctor in the House Monsta!

Essex Arms, Brentwood – November 2002
A return to the Essex Arms in November 2002 resulted in another enjoyable gig which was very well attended. Plenty of props for this gig to ensure a good laugh and a good selection of some new party songs meant a great crowd reaction. We donated the total proceeds of the gig to Diabetes UK, thanks to everyone that attended, we managed to send a cheque for £350.
Essex Arms Essex Arms Essex Arms Essex Arms Essex Arms Essex Arms
Going Turkish Headbanging Time Lets do the timewarp again a captive audience Doing Oasis Adding a bit of colour

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