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Below are some of the reviews we've received on Lemonrock:

Olas Boss East End May Day Scooter Rally,
The Central pub, East Ham.
Bank Holiday Monday 6th May 2013

On the first of the May Bank Holidays Undercover were asked to cover for a late cancellation. On the day were a selection of reggae dj's plus live acts including The Weller Collective, The Manequins and P45. The event was organised by Olas Boss the Upsetter, a reggae dj from Channel Radio. Instead of the 45 minute slot required Undercover played 4 encores resulting in 90 minutes of upbeat tunes to a completely different audience. A fantastic gig and numerous bookings followed but the praise can be heard from this live clip from the Olas Boss radio show:

Download Olas Boss Review

Jackie’s 60th Birthday Party

I celebrated my 60th Birthday on 25th September 2010 at the Mill House in Dagenham, UNDERCOVER played . It was a great night and their mix of music pleased everyone young and old from “The kings of Leon” to “Madness” A brilliant night lads, thank you. It will be well remembered along with the aching feet !!!!!
Jackie B.

Thurrock Beer Festival – Thurrock Civic Hall, Blackshots Lane, Grays, Essex
Friday 6th June 2008

First time I’ve seen you although I’ve heard of you, and I just wanted to say how good you were at the Thurrock Beer Festival. Mind you it did seem like you nicked my iPod for your playlist!
Danny Stewart

Mick’s 50th Birthday Party, Romford Working Mens Club
Saturday 29th September 07

Dear Undercover, Please pass on to the band what a wonderful night it was, and how we really appreciate their talent and hard work. It made it a fantastic night for me — in fact, it couldn’t have been any better. ‘Gay Bar’ will now, no doubt, be my family song!!
Mick Greenwood

Layer Marney Tower, nr Colchester – Retirement Party
Tuesday 25th September 07

Dear Undercover, You really had everybody up and dancing from the first number, I do not know how you managed to sustain such exuberance song after song for two hours.
You were able to modify your presence to the subtlety of the graceful surroundings of the Tudor Banquet at Layer Marney, Still stiff today after 2 hours of dancing!
Where do you get your energy from?
Several people approached me for your contact details and fees today.
Stay undercover for as long as you can, I do not want the secret of your band to get out!!
Thank you
Layer Marney Tower website
Nigel Brayley, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Colchester

The Best... Thurrock Beer Festival, Civic Centre, Grays
Fri 8th June 07

The nights attendance was the best the festival had seen for some years, and when the band took the stage the crowd were hooked. The band played a vast range and styles of music, the audience having a really good time. Beer flowed, music played, everybody was happy. The band played on doing overtime and the request for an encore was one of the best we have seen at the festival. A good night had by staff, band and audience. See you all at the THURROCK BEER FESTIVAL 2008 where UNDERCOVER will be performing again.
BIG DAVE, Thurrock Beer Festival committee.

Amazing! The Pelican Dinner – Dance, Cambridge,
Sat 23rd June 07

Undercover played at a private party in Cambridge on Saturday night and they were the best thing about the evening.
Not only are they great musicians but they know how to get a room full of people on its feet and keep them there all evening. From a top front man in Pete, through great guitarists and a brilliant drummer, they made the night rock, us laugh and one or two people who should have known better, pogo!
We danced to some of the best music we’d heard in ages and if they are playing near you you MUST go and see them. You would not be disappointed!
Helen, Mon 25th Jun 07

EssexBands.com offered help to bands and venues via a website and forum, but unfortunately they've now become defunct. On Saturday 8th April 2006 EssexBands.com came to the Boars Head in Braintree to review our gig and took over 100 photo's of the band during both our sets. Some of the pix can be found in our photo section Undercover Photos, and a review of the gig is below.

The Boars Head, Braintree
Saturday 8th April 2006

The show started at half nine so we (Biggie, Brooksie and I) decided to leave Wickford at eight to give us plenty of time in the venue to scope out the surroundings, meet the band and get the beers in.

However Brooksie’s GPS system sent us to Bag End and not Braintree so we got to the venue just as the band took the stage.

Well I say the stage, it was more the floor. The Venue (The Boars Head) in Braintree was quite small or intimate depending on your view point, but it carried the sound well.

The band were well mixed and no instrument overpowered another with the exception of the backing vocals which were difficult to hear at times. But overall they sounded good. Also another good thing (considering we were right next to the PA) was that they didn’t just crank up the volume so you couldn’t hear yourself think. Although it was obvious throughout the set that the monitor mix was not right as I saw a few times when mid song members had to change what they heard.

Onto the set, which was huge. 36 songs in total were played. Throughout 35 songs I could not hear a single bum note or mistimed beat. I'll talk about the other 1 song later. The first two songs “Importance of Being Idle” and “Learn to Fly” were played very well but the band didn’t seem too comfortable playing them. During the mid session interval they explained that this was the first time they'd played “Learn to Fly”.

After the first two songs everything clicked and the performance sky rocketed. Mick the drummer was dubbed by Biggie as “f*cking nuts” with his drumming style. Pete (the front man) came very close to smacking his head on the ceiling. The first set had a nice mix of songs from Cameo to Primal Scream and everything seemed to work well. Some of the intros into the songs were really funny as well. The talk about handlebars before “Born to be Wild” really G’ed up the audience before the song started.

During the break we went outside to talk to the guys. Who happen to be top blokes and seemed to be really interested about Essexbands.com and how we can make money out it. Being the greedy b*stard I am I was well up for this conversation. But anyway I am supposed to be reviewing their gig, not them personally. Kicking off with “20th Century Boy” I had a feeling I was going to enjoy the second set more than the first. And by god I was right. Every member seemed to get more involved with the songs and dance around more, which considering the size available was not easy.

When I thought I had a band dynamic all figured out the guitarist sang “American Idiot”. This gave Pete a few minutes to rest his voice and dance around. To me this showed that there is no ego in the band, as the lead singer is willing to take a back seat and allow another member take the limelight for a few minutes. And I love that in a front man. Also the fact that the song is a great tune doesn’t hurt either.

As the evening progressed so did the audience participation. Pete made a believer out of me by getting the entire pub to scream “I believe”…. His spiel about “He can’t believe, Look at the state of him”, while pointing at me, had Biggie in tears. Literally.

Soon “Song 2” was played. I personally think this would have been better suited earlier in the night as it seemed that Pete was struggling with the “Woo Hoo’s” a little. Another alternative would be for the backing vocals to sing them. But even with that little factor it was played well and was a good version. The next three songs were awesome Biggie was up and dancing to “Gay Bar”, although in fairness to Biggie and his limited dancing ability this was forced. I enjoyed “Bartender and the Thief” and was singing along to “Pretty Vacant”. And then they finished on “Smells like Teen Spirit”.

This was the one song which didn’t seem to gel. Every note was played but something did not sit right with this song. It certainly should not have ended the set as they had a number of stronger songs then this. But that just might be me not really liking that song on any level.

Over all.

The venue was small but the staff seemed very up for the show so the atmosphere was really electric.
The band was exceptionally tight and very well rehearsed.
The set was a nice eclectic mix of songs that built well to get the crowd going.
The crowd was really hot and wild and into the music, which always makes a good night.

I think I’ll give them the best compliment one can give.
I would go and see them again.

Spoon – EssexBands.com (unfortunately this site has now closed)

Fantastic! The Fatling & Firkin, Hornchurch
Sat 11th Feb 06

Just come back from a fantastic night at the Fatling & Firkin watching Undercover. It's the first time I've seen them but it certainly won't be the last. These guys ROCK but they also know how to PARTY. They played a wide range of songs from Nirvana and Green day to The Specials and Madness, Blur and Oasis in the first set and just non stop fun stuff like Funky Music the Monkees and T Rex. The whole pub was jumping up and down. A great atmosphere and a great night. I really recommend seeing them soon!
Jill, Sun 12th Feb 06

Party Time! The Green Man, Royston
Sat 18th Jun 05

These guys know how to party! Entertaining, lively and with a great repertoire, you can’t help but join in. Pete is one of the most animated singers on the circuit and the band give him all the right backing. Get to see them if you can!
Andy (landlord of The Green Man, Royston)

Wow! The Lord Napier, Ilford
Fri 4th Feb 05

A week before this gig I saw Undercover at the Firkin pub in Hornchurch and despite being told the band were suffering from flu they took the Firkin by storm and received a great reaction. At the Napier the set seemed the same but the layout is better for bands; however with such a large pub they could have done with a few more punters. It didn't deter them – they looked as if they enjoyed every second of it! Loads of great songs, loads of us singing them and plenty of dancing. Can’t wait til they’re back. Oh, and U2’s Vertigo was spot on!
Nicki, Sun 27th Feb 05

Undercover Me! The Essex Arms, Brentwood
Sat 30th Oct 04

Roll into Pam's Bar at the Essex Arms in Brentwood and Undercover take you to another world where you could be at The Marquee with all the original bands. Yes, they are that good. Wicked sounds and a superb stage show. Go and see them and REALLY ROCK!! ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT... The best night out possible.
Karen, Wed 17th Nov 04